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Hailing from Asheville, NC, Logan Jayne is more than a seasoned drummer; he's a dedicated musician on a full-time musical voyage. Armed with a bachelor’s degree in Commercial Music and Audio Production from Western Carolina University, Logan has diligently honed his craft with over a decade of experience in freelance and live drumming, mastering a diverse range of genres.


A driving force in the local music scene, Logan Jayne is a linchpin, contributing to projects like Chilltonic, Magenta Sunshine, the award-winning Lyric, Josh Clark’s Visible Spectrum, and Rahm Squad, and has performed on numerous occasions with legendary bassist Felix Pastorius. His rhythmic prowess has graced stages at various festivals, events, and venues around the country, leaving an indelible mark on every performance. Inspired by his late mentor Joey K, Logan carries forward his own distinctive groove, infusing each musical journey with the conviction of guaranteed heat.


Beyond the stage, Logan Jayne imparts his musical wisdom through private drumming lessons, shaping the next generation of rhythmic talents.


Embark on a rhythmic adventure with Logan Jayne, where each beat tells a story and every note resonates with dedication.

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